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KMR – RSR 002 – Water Cooled 993 RSR (AKA – Waterboy)

$225,000 OBO

Jeff Stone

608 347 7438

KMR – RSR 002

Water cooled 993 RSR

2,135 pounds and over 515 HP

KMR – RSR 002 was the second of the very successful line of naturally aspirated RSR cars that Kelly-Moss Racing built from 1996 – 2006. These cars were created by KMR to do one thing – beat the factory 993 RSR, which they did handily.


Watch it in action!


This car, #002 represents the final iteration of development of this series of cars from KMR. After being campaigned for several years in the normal air cooled configuration and finally against the potent new factory water cooled RS cars it was time for a change. KMR was given the task to make this car beat the new much faster water cooled RS and RSR cars of the day.

What you see is the result of 18 months and over $600,000 of development and engineering between Kelly-Moss Racing and Crawford Composites with a little help from our friends in the wind tunnel. As a result KMR – RSR 002 is without a doubt one of the fastest naturally aspirated 911 Porsches ever built. This car was driven during it’s development by some of the great Porsche Pro Drivers to develop this car into a truly amazing machine. Please look through some of the highlights bullet pointed below to learn more about what makes this car so special.

Ready to dominate any vintage or club event – offered at $225,000 OBO – Trades Possible



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