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997 GT3 Cup Car Gen 2! Low Hours. IMSA Winner!


Jeff Stone

608 347 7438

Offered for sale is a beautiful Gen-2 997 GT3 Cup Car. This car is was a consistent IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge podium finisher, with many wins!

This is a very low hours car! Only 21 hours on engine and gearbox!

This car also has a brand new clutch installed!

All MoTeC upgrades have been preformed, including memory upgrade, and Pro Analysis!

Car is available with or without a Cool Shirt System, and a Crawford Electric Drink Bottle.

This would be an extremely competitive and fun car for the Pirelli GT3 Cup Trophy USA, PCA GTC5, HSR, SCCA, or NASA car.

This car also has an added Anderson connection point for charging and jumpstarting.

The Battery has been relocated to the passenger compartment, and replaced with a lightweight Braile Battery.

The 997 Cup Car is renowned for its resilience, and reliability. This car has been meticulously maintained by Kelly-Moss Road and Race. Championship winning setups available with the sale of this car. Discount to buyers who choose to run this car in the Kelly-Moss Stable, and become members of our Arrive and Drive program!


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– Weight optimized, widened body shell

– Polycarbonate rear, side and door windows

– CfC Rear lid, rear wing and doors

– Welded-in roll cage

– Build-in air jack system

– Fire extinguishing system

– 100 Liter fuel tank (FT3 Safety fuel cell)

– Weight: 1.170 Kg (with oil and coolant)


– Flat six-cylinder boxer engine

– 3.797 cc, stroke 76,4 mm, bore 102,7 mm

– max. Power 331 kW (450 PS) 7.500 rpm

– Multi-Point-Fuel injection

– max. rpm: 8.500 rpm

– Electronic-Engine-Management MS 3.1

– Water cooled

– Trockensumpfschmierung

– Race exhaust with regulated catalytic converter

– Fuel: 98 ROZ, unleaded

Power Train:

– Six-speed sequential gear box

– Race clutch (triple disc sintered metal)

– Internal pressure-oil lubrication

– Limited slip differential 37/52 %


– Power steering

– McPherson front, Multilink rear suspension

– Front and rear: Double coil springs with race setup

– Hight, camber, toe adjustable

– Gas pressure shock absorbers

– Centre-lock aluminium rims

– Front Brake: Six Piston callipers

– Rear break: Four Piston callipers

– Front: 380 mm internally vented-Disc

– 355 mm internally vented-Disc

Since 1998 far more than 2200 units of the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup went to motorsport customers all over the world and with that the near standard race car, which comes to use also in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup, is the most build and most sold race car if the world. The popular sports car is produced on the same assembly line as the 911. In the motorsport department at Weissach, each single unit then receives the final touches before being run-in by a works driver.

The 997 Cup is based on the street version of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS and is in use already since the 2009 season. With 450 HP, a widened rear body, better aerodynamics as well as noumerous improvements in detail the 2012 version of the Supercup car will be at the start in Bahrain. With that the new 911 GT3 made a reasonable progress again and is even more a race car than its predecessor.

Wing works – The aerodynamics
In the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup a weight optimized and widened body shell based on 911 GT3 RS II. Generation comes to use. Enlarged rear wheelhouses for tyre sizes of 690 mm diameter, as well as an aerodynamically optimised front splitter are the visible characteristics of the 2012 race version of the car. The doors, the rear lid with integrated rain light as well as the adjustable rear wing are made of CfC. The modified rear body panels are made of synthetics. The front lip of the spoiler provides considerably more down force at the front axle. The down force at the rear is provided by a 1.70 meters broad rear wing, which comes from the faster 911 GT3 Cup S for international FIA GT3-Races. The rear valance with its prominent ventilation ducts as well as the rear lights with LED technology are derived from the street model.

Approved – Engine and Gear Box
The engine of the new 911 GT3 Cup compares largely to the one of the street version. With this it also shares the top performance of 450 hp at 7500 revs per minute. The maximum revs of the water cooled flat six-cylinder boxer engine with four valves per cylinder are reached at 8,500 rpm. The engine which is known as very reliable, is run with customary unleaded fuel in 98 octane ROZ quality, which is supplied by means of a Bosch electronic engine management and a multi-point fuel injection. Finally the 450 HP are transmitted to the tarmac with a race clutch (triple-disc sintered-metal clutch) and a Six-speed sequential dog-type gearbox with active oil cooling and pressure-oil lubrication.

Wide and stiff – The chassis
Under the widened bodywork bigger wheels are mounted. The front axle is equipped with central locking aluminium rims in the size of 9,5 J x 18 ET 37 and Michelin-racing tyres of the dimension 24/64-18. The central locking aluminium rims at the rear measure 12 J x 18 ET30 and are mounted with Michelin racing tyres of the dimension 30/68-18. Additional unibal joints are used at the suspension arms and the anti-roll bars at the front and rear axles are sevenfold adjustable on both sides, what provides more precise setup adjustments at the spot on the race track.

The Cockpit
The cockpit of the 911 GT3 cup orientates even more on the needs of the race driver. An additional cooling duct in the front hood provides a reasonable supply of the pilot with fresh air. The operating device for the dash board, which has altogether six switches, has been integrated into the steering wheel. Like in the street car, the steering wheel can be adjusted lengthwise an also in the height.

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