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SOLD 77 1/2 Porsche 924

Price Upon Request

Andy Kilcoyne

A ‘771/2 Porsche 924, purchased new and owned by a retired colonel USA for forty years, is up for sale. As stock a model as is possible, this well-cared for Porsche is excellent in every way. Bought in CA, it was always garaged and is RUST FREE! The Bahama Blue metallic paint is original and bright. The owner’s manual is the original and all service records are available. The car itself is in EXCELLENT condition.

This car runs and drives like the day it was made. The odometer just turned over 27,800 miles on the 110hp 1984cc 4 cylinder engine. 4-speed manual transmission.

The removable tilt sun roof is in excellent shape; no leaks. The folding headlights work perfectly.The interior is mint.  The original Blaupunkt cr.-4091 am/fm radio works fine and the 8 track player is intact, however it could use some attention. The carpet and floor mats are perfect and so are the seats, headliner and door panels. All of the rubber body seals are pliable.

Maintained as original, this 924 is easily eligible for entry into the Porsche Club of America car show, concours category. In addition, Kelly-Moss Porsche MotorSports and Auto Racing facility, Madison, WI, – known for their superior Porsche service – has provided the maintenance for a long time.

The beautiful, sleek design that began with the 924, continued to be Porsche’s basic design for 19 years!  Because they are the only front-engine, four-cylinder cars Porsche has produced, they will undoubtedly continue to increase in value and be solid investments for the future. This car is perfect for anybody who wants a rare car that needs almost no money put into it.

According to Hagerty Insurance, (Today,)“ to entry-level collectors, the 924 can be more desirable than the more complex and maintenance-intensive models….the 924 can be a durable, simple. fun first Porsche!  The remaining few good ones are worth seeking out.”

You will be glad you did!


Some general comments from 924 admirers;

“Handling is almost like a dream as it has a 49/51 balance ratio and seems to be glued to the pavement. Almost perfect balance ratio. Beautiful handling vehicle.”

“Great handling and braking. Great styling. Great fun to drive.”

“Performance is amazing. Never drove something with a quicker acceleration.”

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