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SOLD 2015 Dodge SRT Viper


Vicci Auctions

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Condition: Used

Car Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Vin#: Race car

Additional Features: Driver adjustable Front and Rear Sway Bars, MoTeC C125, Motec PDM, VBox Camera System

Auto or manual transmission: Manual Paddle Shift

Drive Type: Rear wheel drive

Exterior Color: Red/White/Black

Interior Color: Red/Black

Number of Cylinders: 10

Body Type: Coupe

Original Engine: Yes

Engine Modified: Yes

Engine Description: Addition of Comp Cam, Dailey dry-sump oil system and Belanger headers.

Historical interest?
This car was built by McCann racing in Ohio. A class winner and track record holder since 2015.
All carbon body panels have molds available for repair/replacement should someone have a reason to do so. The carbon body saves more than 500lbs over the original configuration.
2nd owner, Converted this car to competition use after purchased from original owner.
Are there any marks on the car inside or out?
Some very minimal signs of use, wear and tear. Most notably a crack in the carbon fiber quarter panel on the drivers side. The non-structural panel has been repaired in order to keep the crack from spreading.
Are there any function inside or out that do not work?
All operates as it is intending for racing.
Any items missing?
All racing systems present and accounted for competition use.
Is wear and tear on the inside of any kind?
Wear and tear noted from competition use.
Any trim coming loose or missing?
Nothing to note.
Any aftermarket parts on the car?
Most of it is aftermarket and improved for racing.
Any leaks from engine or transmission?
None noted at this time.
Other fluid leaks of any kind?
None noted at this time.
Is there rust present?
This vehicle has not been exposed to salt or anything that would cause corrosion.
Any issues that have not been resolved?
Not at this time.
Has car ever been repainted?
Vinyl graphics have been applied over the carbon body.
Has the vehicle ever been damaged or in a collision?
No. The body is in pristine condition.
Anything else you would like to tell buyers?
This car features triple adjustable Penske dampers. It has two spare sets of wheels, a spare differential, spare clutch and radiator. The Emco gearbox is shifted via the use of the paddle shifters. The car features include a Motec data system, six piston Brembo calipers in the front and 4 piston Brembo’s on the rear of the car. The Forgeline wheels can accommodate 320/650R-18 tires on the front and back of the car. The build on this car far exceeded $300,000 and has minimal use since new. Car would be compliant to run in NASA and SCCA.

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